This with Jonah connects with Bao Hoang to discuss how he’s grown as an online magician and his success in creating and selling unique collectible card sets.

For a long time Bao still performed for corporate gigs and kids shows but ever since the pandemic he’s realized that the way he shares his magic is a lot more scalable as an online video, capable of reaching magnitudes more people than any live show would be able to do. 

Creating The Content He Wish He’d Had

Bao learned magic through online sources, and while he also has had wonderful connections made through local clubs in Montreal, he wanted to find a way to give back and create the kind of content he wished he had had when he was starting out. Even though he’s teaching basic entry level things, it was important to him that he was creating very high quality content and teaching it properly. 

Bao breaks down with Jonah how he picks what he teaches, and his thoughts on teaching magic in a public forum like TikTok or YouTube. He also offers up some of his own advice for people getting started both as a magician and as an online content creator. And he shares the differences he’s found between creating content for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok and how he’s learned to utilize each of those platforms strengths.

Pick A Card

Along with his online content, Bao is also responsible for the hugely successful Instant Noodle and Boba collectable playing cards. Bao shares with Jonah how these playing cards came to be and what it’s been like to market and develop these cards as well as discover which audiences he’s actually making them for. 

Giving Value

No matter if you are making content for YouTube or kickstarting a new project you have to always be thinking about your audience and what they want, because that’s the reason you’re doing content. You still want to enjoy what you’re creating but you have always have your audience in mind if you want to see your content grow. If you give value to people they’ll reciprocate that in the future.


Endless Chain

Jason Mayer, Street Magician Dude. He’s been grinding since the beginning and has massive followings on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

What do you like about modern magic? What do you not like?

Loves how it’s getting more attention in the mainstream media. It’s not as tacky and contributing to a modern image of real magicians. 

What does Bao not like? While he has comments about Facebook magic, at the same time, he understands the grind. So while he’s not a big fan he totally understands the work that’s being put in.

Take home point

Give value to people.


You can find Bao on every major social media platform by searching up the name Bao Magic.

And if you’d like to look up his playing cards you should search for BaoBao Restaurant Playing Cards and you’ll find lots of retailers who still have cards in stock.

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