This week Jonah offers up his suggestions for the best software you can use to maximize your team’s potential. 

If you have a growing magic business then you probably have an expanding team. And with that, you have to manage all of the documents and data and opinions and files and feelings of your team members. And to be able to communicate with your team is not an easy task. And certainly it’s not a task that you can just do over email.

In this episode Jonah is going to walk you through five pieces of software that are going to make a huge difference.

#1: Slack

You might be asking yourself, aren’t there enough ways to message people? But what slack allows is for multiple people on your team who have to communicate with each other but when you don’t need to be the middleman as well. 

Email is so old and ancient, you send a bulleted list of five topics and then they reply with a bulleted list of five topics. In slack, you can send different ideas, you can go back and forth, and it’s really, really great for conversations. So if you’ve got more than one team member or want to manage your conversations in a better place than your email inbox, Slack is a great first place to start. 

#2: Zoom

At this point in time, you already have Zoom and many of you are paying for Zoom. But here’s the twist. Here’s the thing you should do on zoom. It’s going to cost a little bit more money, but make a huge difference. And that is Cloud Recording. 

Every time you get on a zoom call, you have the opportunity to set it to record. Why is that helpful? Well, it’s already going to record all of your shows, which is amazing, but the other reason why it’s helpful is if you meet with your team and you share with them advice and details, all of that is recorded and documented so that you and them can visit it and revisit it later. 

You’ve got to be very meticulous about each phase of the project and not just write down what you remember or anything like that. So tool number two is not only Zoom, but Zoom Cloud Recording. So you can document the actual training and education and working with your team and have it with you. That begs an immediate question, which is, does that mean that after every recording I have to go to zoom and download the recording and send it off? And the answer is no. You want people on your team to be able to have access to that recording. How do they have access? Do you give them a password? Well, you could, but there’s an incredible third piece of software that Jonah wants to recommend

#3: Lastpass

What LastPass is great for is you can add multiple people and add folders, which means you have a folder with a bunch of different passwords that you can share with other people on your team. And the way it works is they cannot see the password, but they can just use it. So that means other people on your team can use your Zoom password to login and download the recordings of the videos. You do not have to go into it for them and send it to them and slow down the back and forth. Instead they have access to your Zoom account and access to plenty of other things that they need access to.

#4: Loom

There’s a bunch of different other options other than Loom, but this one is the most popular. What loom is, is a very, very quick and speedy way to either record a video of your face or record a screen recording of your screen.

Why is that important? Well, this is hands down the easiest way to communicate with your team, the way that you’re feeling and thinking your wants and your needs. When having a meeting, maybe you’ve got staff in different places around the world, and you may not be able to meet at the same time, but exchanging a video where you’re able to share your screen, talk freely, talk about how you feel and they’re able to watch through it, having that kind of ability to send a video and not have to write out every last detail of how you’re feeling, but instead send a video either of your screen or of yourself describing your opinion makes a huge, huge impact in your ability to communicate with your team.

And that’s what all this stuff is about. It’s about streamlining communication, about making your community as easy and as smooth as possible. Loom is kind of your meeting replacement. You don’t have to have a meeting. If you can send a little recording with your notes or ideas or feedback or whatever the case may be.

#5 Asana

Asana is a task managing software. You can use it for a ton of things like setting deadlines or making projects, but the way that Jonah uses it is making projects with. You have tasks and using Loom you’re able to assign tasks to people, able to set due dates, give descriptions, and if you want to go back and see your projects in the past, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of emails and back and forth. It’s all in one place, exactly where it should be. 

If you build Asana, or any of these task trackers into your business, then it’s not an extra step to be organized. Being organized is the way you run your business. When you ask one of the people on your team to do something, you ask them to do it by assigning it as a task in Asana.

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Those are five pieces of software that will make a huge difference for you if you are working with a team. If you would like more help with this than chat with Jonah on Facebook. Send him a message with the word “TEAM” if you want some help working with your team and see if we can help.

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