On this episode, we are talking about ticketed virtual magic shows. I’m going to give you three reasons why you absolutely should put on your first ever virtual ticketed magic show.

We are talking about your virtual magic show, not the one you do for corporate clients, not the one you do for families, but the one that you sell tickets for. I know you’ve thought about it, some of you may have done it already, and I know many of you have successfully sold out virtual events. Some people are struggling to get people to attend their events without having to bother people one at a time or individually and some of you are doing it but want to figure out how to do it better. I want to walk through three reasons why you should be thinking about putting on a ticketed virtual magic show.

Reason #1: Word Of Mouth

The first reason has to do with your peers, your friends, your family, your family’s friends, and your friends’ family all work at companies. And those companies have not been able to gather together in person and even though it may be really difficult for you to get in contact with the HR person at those companies, it’s very easy for you to get in contact with one of the employees who puts in a good word for you.

You reach out to your friend, your peer, and you get them to know about your brand. That way, when something comes up at the company and they’re asked if they have any ideas they can put their hand up and say they know just the person. If you’ve been doing magic for any amount of time, especially if you’re in the first few phases, a lot of your bookings are going to come from word of mouth.

Putting on a ticketed show literally puts you and your magic in front of your friends, your family, your family’s friends, and your friends’ family. Your peers get to see what you do. And then two weeks later at their company event, when they’re doing bingo or something, and it’s really boring and they really don’t like it, they’re going to think back to the ticketed magic show that they went to and they’re going to wish that they had something like this at their company. you will start to see that the friends that you have are going to be recommending you for their company.Your show acts as an audition so that they can see it. They can know that they like you. People are seeing what you’re doing instead of sitting at home and twiddling your thumbs.

Reason #2: An E-Mail List

Throughout the course of the pandemic, my email list has been my safe haven. Having thousands of people that know me and like what I do has allowed me to sell new and unique ideas. When we launched virtual magic shows, we sold it to the email list of people that were interested. When we put on a ticketed show, we sold it to the email list. Even when we put on a virtual magic convention, I was grateful to have an email list so that I could tell all the people who already like what I do about all of the cool things that I’m doing.

When you build fans of your brand, if they’re just a fan of yours on Facebook or Instagram, you can’t guarantee that when you post something they’re going to see it. But if they’re on your email list then you can guarantee that you’re going to see it. A ticketed virtual magic show is an epic way right now to get people onto your email list. Not only do they pay money but after the show you can send them bonuses. You can send them epic stuff to their emails. They love it. And they love getting emails from you, which means when the time comes that you want to send an email about an upcoming product and upcoming project it becomes easy to do. You don’t have to go and start posting on social media to collect all those people, instead, you just send an email out to your email list. In the last seven years that I’ve been in any kind of business my email list has been the number one asset in my business.

Reason #3: It Makes Money

I did an interview a couple of years ago with an incredible magician and speaker, Brian Miller, and he said something that’s always resonated with me. He said, the reason why restaurant magic is so amazing is because they pay you to market yourself. How awesome is that? They pay you to go around and give out business cards. And I want you to think about your ticketed virtual magic show in the same way. People are paying to come and see your show and at that show you get to promote whatever you want.

Usually you’re either spending your money or spending your time to do lead generating activities. This is a lead generating activity that makes you money. 


That’s it for this week, we are still kind of decompressing from Unconventional.fun a few days ago. It was awesome and Ben and I will do a little episode talking a little bit about that, but otherwise I just want to say thank you. Thanks for joining us on this little magician appetizer and I will see you all next Thursday. Peace!

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