Ben and Jonah are back to get you excited about taking beyond the final frontier, that’s right, they’re going to space! 

Of course we mean virtually, as is the premier virtual magic convention and the next one is happening on August 28th and 29th and tickets are still available at!

In Space No One Can Hear You Sleep

The first was hosted in a virtual hotel lobby and the 2nd and 3rd events sent attendees to the amusement park adventure zone that was Magic Land but the fourth event Ben and Jonah really wanted to take the gloves off and embrace all the outrageousness that a virtual magic convention can embrace and taken the entire event into outer space. 

And since it’s happening in space, this means that there are no time zones and no sunsets and no night time or daytime so unlike previous events which would end after a certain hour each day this time around, when the convention starts, the events won’t stop until the end of the second day. 

Don’t worry if you end up sleeping through your favourite lecture though, the entire event is being recorded and everyone who attends will be given videos of the lectures and panels that take place over the two day convention. 

A Star Studded Event

With over twenty-two confirmed guests, including magical luminaries such as Dani DaOrtiz, Garrett Thomas, Daniel Garcia, and Harapan Ong, you’ll be attending a two day event with some of the best magicians on the planet.  

And all the lectures, panels, and shows will be yours to keep after the event so you can watch and rewatch your favourite moments over and over again. 


Prepare For Launch

The space station is ready to receive you and all you have to do now is head to and buy your tickets 

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