This week Jonah brings you three secret tips for growing your virtual magic business.

You probably know by now that Jonah loves virtual magic but you might not be aware just how much he loves sales and marketing. So much so that Jonah spends his own money to hire sales trainers to help him on his virtual sales business. Through this training he’s learned three “aha” moments that has helped him with his own virtual magic sales and he’s going to pass them onto you in this week’s episode. 

The Sales Call and Demo Call 

A sales call is when you explain to them exactly what is involved in a show and what it looks like. A demo call is when you show them what is involved in a show and what it looks like. Both of these calls work but Jonah finds that both work better than nothing at all. If all you are doing is sending out e-mails you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to commit to doing a sales call or a demo call.

Listen to Appetizer #16 “How to Sell A Virtual Magic Show” to hear an example of a sales call. 

We Will Manage All Of The Tech

For every client that is calling you, this is the time where they have to take last year’s in person event and convert it into this year’s virtual event. But you are different, over the course of the last nine months you’ve performed countless virtual shows and know the technical aspects of it inside and out. You know what works and what doesn’t work and you can make their lives a thousand times easier by offering to handle all the technical aspects of your show. If you tell them, on your sales call, that you can handle all of the tech on your own and manage all aspects of the show on your own you have taken a lot of worry and stress away from them. If they don’t have to solve the entire event because you can handle those issues for them you are much more likely to close the sale.

Make Their Lives Easier With A Slide Deck

The bulk of the people reaching out to Jonah to book year end shows are HR people inside of the company. After they are done speaking to you on your sales or demo call they are going to take what you have told them and present it to their team or the person in charge and re-pitch your show to them. If you provide for them a slide-deck to present to their team on your behalf you are not only going to have a stronger presentation for them but you are once again taking work off of the HR person’s plate and helping make their lives a lot easier. Your presentation will look nicer than all the other presentations because you’ve spent the time to hire a graphics designer to make it absolutely beautiful.  

Need More Help?

If you want to learn more about the things that have been working for Jonah, you can book a free fifteen minute call to talk about your virtual magic business and to learn more secrets to help you grow.

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