This week Jonah offers up essential tips to help you break out your virtual magic business from just a fun idea to a viable choice.

A lot of the people are getting started in virtual magic right now. They’re trying to take the leap and they want to get their first few gigs from social media but they don’t know how to do it. It’s kind of nerve wracking to try to post and say, “Hey friends, hire me for your events” and you’ve seen your friends do those posts and then not get a lot of traction and not get a lot of excitement. Here are three things that you can do right now.

Hashtag Hunting

Hashtag Hunting is especially helpful if you have a target market, such as a specific industry like working with schools, with camps, with cruise ships, or with corporate gigs.

If you have a target market all you gotta do is figure out what hashtags those groups use when you’re using social media and you search those hashtags. That is going to allow you to find the people and the companies that are hiring you because you know exactly who it is that you’re looking for.

The “Media” In Social Media

Facebook rewards those who help people stay on Facebook. If you do things that help keep people on Facebook, then Facebook will reward you by having more people see your posts. If you make a post that says “click here to go to my website” then if the post works then everybody leaves Facebook and that’s not what Facebook wants. So instead you should have a post that encourages the user to leave a comment or you should post a video or a live stream because those things keep people staring at the video or watching and engaging with the live stream, which is exactly what Facebook wants. 

Let them in behind the scenes so they know what it’s like to be you. Use behind the scenes posts to generate more bookings and more interest than “please hire me” posts. 

The “Social” In Social Media

If we’re using our social media channels correctly, they should be filled with people that like and trust us and are filled with people that we’ve already built relationships with.

So instead of feeling that social media is that black box that you post in you actually have thousands of friends, people that you actually know on those platforms that you can go start conversations with. Go chat with them, ask how they’re doing, ask if they’re still working at The Keg, and then ask if The Keg needs a year-end event, and then you can tell them about the stuff that you are doing.

The magic of sales happens inside of conversations. Talk to your friends and family and find out if you can help serve their events, their company events, their family events, their holiday events, whatever it is that’s coming. 

Need More Help?

Jonah is currently starting a case study program, helping 10 magicians transition into the world of virtual. If you think that’s you send an email titled “case study” to Jonah would love to help you get into the world of virtual

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