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Three Questions With Jake Strong Podcast

This week we share a segment from the Three Questions with Jake Strong Podcast, in which Jonah was recently a guest on. 

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Ben and Jonah are back to get you excited about taking beyond the final frontier… space! 

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Reviewing & Marketing The Secrets of Magic with Ekat

Jonah connects with Ekat, to talk about creating content online, the difficulty in marketing magic, and the challenges that come up when trying to ethically review magic products.

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Toronto Magic Company Returns To MagicLand

Ben and Jonah are back with the latest from the Toronto Magic Company. This week they’re returning to MagicLand and they want you to return with them. 

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Virtual Shows, Virtual Conventions, and Magic Podcasts with Kayla Dreshcer from Shezam!

A crossover episode with the Shezam podcast where Jonah and Kayla talk about producing magic podcasts, hosting virtual conventions, and the challenges facing the magic community today.

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Discovering Your Value with Scot Nery

Jonah is joined by Scot Nery, a juggler, magician, and entertainer who now helps entertainers with their branding, marketing, and more helping to identify their value and the value they bring to their clients. 

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