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Get on Penn and Teller Fool Us with Michael Close

You know him from his Workers project, his book Paradigm Shift and his work as a consulting producer on Fool Us. In this episode you’re going to learn all about how to have a good presentation, how to have an act worthy of television, and how to make your magic better!

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Using Your Face with Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez was just a kid when a friend put a lit cigarette into his fist and made it disappear. He learned how it was done and from that moment on he was in love with magic. He moved to Granada in his native Spain when he was 18 where he trained with one of the countries top magicians. He was taught the art of performance and how to create the magical moment. He didn’t teach young Luis any tricks specifically. It was all about how to perform on stage. Mario is incredibly dramatic on-stage which he says is a product of his environment. Clowns, actors and musicians are everywhere in Granada and they have all had an impact on his magic.

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Visual Magic and Ellusionist Secrets with Lloyd Barnes

Lloyd Barnes grandfather became a travelling magician shortly after the war. He developed many tricks over the years and passed those onto Lloyd. His focus was much more on sport as a teenager – especially boxing and gymnastics. His university career was less than successful – he was thrown out in his final year. But that ignited his interest in magic and soon he was selling tricks and illusions that he developed himself. He was broke and homeless for a time and slept on many friends and families couches over the next few years.

Lloyd now works with Ellusionist. He scouts tricks from other performers and from submissions to the company. He helps to make them more practical and performable. When you send a trick to the company, he’s the guy that reads the email. The other part of his job is to shoot and edit the trailers for the new effects. Along with his own performing career that keeps him incredibly busy.

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Look How Far We’ve Come

It’s episode 96 and time for another solo episode with Jonah and Tyler. We start the episode talking about what we should do to celebrate our upcoming 100th episode. We have had some pretty dumb ideas in the past like listening to all 100 episodes in a row. We need your ideas on this one. Hit us up on Instagram!

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Making Magic and the Playing Card Revolution with Alex Pandrea

He is Blue Crown Magic, he is Alex Pandrea. He first got into magic when he was five years old.  A clown came to his birthday party and did tricks like disappearing silk or sponge balls.  But his interest continued into young adulthood.  He grew up in New York City and it was through the local magic shops in Queens like Tannens that he discovered more magic.  He created some new effects as a teenager. 

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Becoming an Entertainer with David Williamson

David Williamson is an incredible comedy magician and sleight-of-hand master. He feels that he was bitten by the bug early and he had no other choice but to follow his passion.  He was totally obsessed with it from a very early age. David was painfully shy.  But he forced himself to get up on open stages at bars at the age of 15, and look at him now!

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