Discourse in Magic

Welcome to the Discourse in Magic podcast! This is where we tackle magic’s hardest issues, theories, philosophies, discussion, and more to help you explore.  We jump into all sorts of resources and most importantly actionable tips to help better the art and become a killer performer!

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Episode 119 – Make Your Own Magic and Start to Get Bookings July 12th, 2018 Episode 118 – Is There a ‘Correct’ Type of Magic? July 7th, 2018 Episode 117 – Gambling, Cheating, and The Expert at the Card Table with Jason England June 28th, 2018 Episode 116 – The Toronto Magic Company June 21st, 2018 Episode 115 – The Internet, Creation, and Mutant Powers with Kyle Marlett June 14th, 2018 Episode 114 – Surrealist Performance Art June 7th, 2018 Episode 113 – Character, Acting, and Honing Your Act with Rob Zabrecky May 31st, 2018 Episode 112 – A New Angle on The Chicago Magic Lounge with Ryan Plunkett May 24th, 2018 Episode 111 – Succeeding as a Touring Duo Act with The Evasons May 17th, 2018 Episode 110 – Teaching, Lecturing, and Making a Show with Joshua Jay May 10th, 2018
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